(CLOSED) Short Term Neutral/Bearish, Long Term Bullish View on Gold

We closed our Short Term Neutral/Bearish, Long Term Bullish prediction on gold as of November 17, 2016. We were largely right on the prediction being short term neutral/bearish and long term bullish since March 2015 when we initiated the view, as Gold went from $1,200 to 1,050 in November 2015, then to $1,360 in August 2016. The price has now returned back to $1,200s. Currently, we believe the bull market is gone as Donald Trump is elected as the President of the U.S.. In addition, the central banks in the global have been moving away from negative yielded bonds, a major bullish factor for gold. Should we form a view again on gold, we will re-initiate another piece to detail our thoughts.


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